Awning Systems

Awning Systems

Retractable Awning & Blind Systems

We offer a wide selection of retractable awning and blind systems to meet your commercial or residential needs.  Whether you are looking for a drop arm awning, a fully retractable awning, or a cassette awning, we can help you determine your installation needs.  Our awnings are also fully customizable to meet your specific needs.  Each product is waterproof and designed to stand up against all natural weather conditions.  We also carry a complete line of retractable blinds, all of which are fully customizable for both residential and commercial settings.  Our talented team of installation experts can come out to your location, take measurements , and help you determine what the best product for your outdoor space.  Click on one of the links below to set up a consultation.

Pente Drop-Arm Awning System
Pente Awning System

Pente Drop Arm Awning System

The PENTE Drop Arm Awning System is a drop arm awning system, that when retracted fully, it is protected by its cassette system.  By design, it can seamlessly adjust its slope angle up to 180 degrees, allowing you to either block or allow partial or full sun based on your preferences. Projection of PENTE is proportional to its arm length.

For more information on the Platinum Cassette Awning System, click below …


Dimensions (Width) 3′ 3 3/8″ – 15′ 9″ (100-480cm)
Dimensions (Projection) 2′ 7 1/2″ / 3′ 11 1/4″ / 5′ 3″ (80 / 120 /160cm)
Sensors Sun Sensor Wind Sensor
Color Any Standard Color / All RAL Colors
Fabric Soltis 86, Soltis 92, W96, Acrylic
Motor Type Somfy Motor
Control Type Manual, Remote Control
5 Year Warranty Blind, Motor
1 Year Warranty Remote Control
  * Note: Maximum arm length for acrylic fabric is 3′ 11 1/4″ (120cm).