Luciana’s Restaurant (Ristorante)


Dana Point, California (Orange County)

Project Type:

Functional Goal:

1. Create Venue Space
2. Update Existing Patio & Entryway Structure
Luciana's Restaurant Commercial Pergola Customer

Just a few miles down along the iconic Pacific Coast Highway, in the new Lantern District, is Luciana’s Ristorante (Restaurant). They have been part of the community for 40 years, serving homemade pasta and other Italian cuisine in a villa-style setting with a fireplace and patio. When you enter the doors, you have walked into a little bit of Tuscany. Their wine room is reminiscent of a Tuscan Wine Cellar and is used to host parties, birthdays, anniversaries, and other get-togethers to name a few. The food is fresh, light and flavorful, made with the freshest ingredients. Daily specials always include a fresh fish dish. The wine selection has an extensive wine list from Italy as well as California wines and beyond complimenting the dishes on the menu.

With the increasing popularity of Luciana’s Restaurant in the community, they wanted to not only expand their space, but to update their old-style wood patio that they had in place. The plan was to design and create one of our Palmiye Retractable Crown pergolas out behind the restaurant, creating an event venue location for Luciana’s Restaurant. We also went to work on giving the front of the restaurant a face lift. We replaced a large amount of the existing front patio structure and the restaurant entry area, using a combination of our Skyroof Prestige and our Skyroof Plus retractable pergolas. We also completely renovated the existing patio area by adding glass and giving it a more modern comfortable look and feel. It also added a significant amount of curb appeal to the restaurant, and from there, they gave it a new coat of paint and a different overall look. You can see the significant different in what the restaurant looked like at the beginning of the project (pictures showing the red patio cover) and what the end result was (patio painted white and now having glass siding). The project was a complete success for the restaurant.

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