Adjustable Motorized Parapet Glass System

Product Info

A Retractable pergola is a type of Italian terrace roof where you get shade from the structure when you need it. While providing flexibility, Pergola with retractable fabric roof also creates a new environment with its warm and cosy appearance and provides protection against wind and rain. This retractable soft-top pergola makes it possible for you to use the outdoor space regardless of the weather.

General Details
  • Perfect sun and weather protection
  • 100% rainproof with integrated drainage technology
  • High wind load capacities
  • Special outdoor fabric tested up to 160 Fahrenheit
  • Simple control of the entire system via Somfy remote controls
  • Gradients of ambiance thanks to dimmable LED lighting
  • Customized production for each project
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • In-House installation and service team


Product Info

Operating vertically this parapet system can function interiorly as a room divider and exteriorly as a balcony and wind breaker.

  • According to your height, you are able to design 2 panels or 3 panels.
  • Fixed panel can reach max. 150cm (4′ – 11 1/16″)
  • Fixed glass can be use as a railing. Fixed and moveable glasses can make design different sizes. 
  • Uses belt instead of chain.
General Details
  • 100% rainproof with integrated drainage technology
  • Customized production for each project
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • In-House installation and service team
  • 8mm Tempered Clear (⁵/₁₆”)
  • 5mm Tempered Clear | 12mm Air | 5mm Tempered Clear (¹³/₆₄”+¹⁵/₃₂”+¹³/₆₄”) Double Glass
  • Somfy Tubular motor (100Nm/14rpm) and remote control
  • Glass color options is available; Blue, Smoked, Green, Satine, LOW-E Glass

Look Closer

Due to the adjustable height ability of the panels this product can provide finely tuned sound, heat and water control. This product can be used with or without motor, and due to special stabilizers; it can easily be set to the desired height without using much energy. Using the Motorized option can be operated by remote control.


This provides enormous comfort to people who want to enjoy the great outdoor without the discomfort of strong and cold wind. Easily adjustable by hand to the desired height, the separate sheets of glass enable you to install exactly where you want. Protective, view enhancing and wind shielding-this is a useful and innovative system.

Profile sections

Single Glass Section

Double glass section

Additional information


300cm (9' – 10 7/64") x 400cm (13' – 1 31/64")
400cm (13' – 1 31/64") x 300cm (9' – 10 7/64")