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Simply extraordinary

Everlasting comfort beyond any prospect feels safe and sound. The elegant harmony of wood and uncommon details brings Coral to the surface of the earth.

  • Single Sofa
  • 2 Seater Sofa
  • 3 Seater Sofa
  • Coffee Table
  • Side Table
  • Footstool
  • TEAK/IROKOimgTeak and Iroko are extremely resistant hardwood to outdoor conditions, such as changes in temperatures, humidity, saltines, snow, and frost. Being a natural product, it is normal for teak/iroko to get small surficial cracks and to lose its color from golden brown to light silver within 6 months to 2 years due to the natural weathering.
  • STAINLESS STEELimgStainless steel is the perfect material for outdoor solutions with its high durability corrosion and mechanical characteristic. We are using stainless steel as components and sometimes as the main structure of the products where the high carrying capacity with lower sections is needed. We are using 304-grade stainless steel for the tube sections as well as for the components. It is possible to use stainless steel as polished or satin and as with powder coated painting application.
  • FABRICimgMaxxmora is offering a wide range of exclusive, %100 solution-dyed acrylic fabrics with a soft touch and stylish, sophisticated pattern. %100 solution-dyed acrylic has 7-8 colorfastness under exposure to ultra-violet rays and open-air conditions. All Acrylic fabrics have a surface treatment that enhances water and stain repellent properties.
  • BRAIDimgMaxxmora is producing braid and cord from %100 solution-dyed acrylic which is very durable in outdoor conditions. There is a braided acrylic cover over a polyester filament which also gives tensile strength to the product.
  • MESHimgWe are using Serge Ferari Mesh product which is %100 suitable for outdoor conditions and comes forward with the durability of tensile dressings.


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