Luxx Outdoor Platinum Cassette Awning System

Fully Customizable Awning System. Perfect For Both Commercial & Residential Installations.

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The Platinum Cassette Awning System is the most advanced, modern and functional model of its class. It is equipped with a full cassette system, and comes standard with remote controlled operation. This product sweeps the fabric with its cleaning brush during retraction to achieve perfect closure and avoidance from obstructions. The waterproof cassette system also keeps the blind system clean and dry. With the optional wind sensor, the awnings are set to automatically close to protect the awning. The optional sun sensor helps with the overall awning control in allowing the awning to open during sunny periods.

Additional information

Dimensions (Width)

7′ 2 5/8″ – 22′ 11 5/8″
(220 – 700cm)

Dimensions (Projection)

5′ 3″ / 6′ 10 5/8″ / 8′ 6 3/8″ / 10′ 2″ / 11′ 9 3/4″
(160/210 /260/310/360cm)


Sun Sensor (Optional)
Wind Sensor (Optional)


Any Standard Color
All RAL Color (Optional)


Soltis 86
Soltis 92

Motor Type

Somfy Motor

Control Type

Remote Control

5-Year Warranty

Awning, Motor

1-Year Warranty

Remote Control

Platinum Mounting Positions

The Platinum Cassette Awning System can be mounted at multiple angles to allow the awning to protect the structure at its maximum capabilities.

Platinum Mounting Positions

Optional Sensors

With the optional Wind Sensor or Sun Sensor, you can set the awning up to either retract or open based on the settings that are programmed into the sensor.  This allows for worry-free operation of the awning, and is perfect for commercial settings such as restaurants or event venues.

Wind Sensor
Sun Sensor
Platinum Cassette System


The cassette based system is the outside casing of the awning, that protects the awning from the effects of weather, dirt, and debris that might otherwise shorten the lifespan of a normal awning system. 


The cassette casing blocks rain, and especially dirt from entering the awning system and shortening the life of the fabric and the awning arms of most awning systems.  The dirt and debris is often what causes most awnings to fail over time.

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